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Hi there!

Welcome to A Curated Life. I’m Chelsea, your friendly neighborhood blogger. I am, among other things, a gallery sitter, a shopgirl, and the world’s leading expert on sparkling water. I love polka dots, poppies and public radio. I can’t bake, but I make the strongest coffee you’ll ever drink.

Originally, the name of this blog was going to be “A Well-edited Life,” which was kind of a stupid name and a more annoying URL. So then I thought about “An Edited Life,” which read like I was using edited as a euphemism for censored. Around the time I was tossing this idea around in my head, two things happened. For one thing, I started working in an art gallery. But also, Nordstrom put a sign in their window that said “created” in a funky font that I read as “curated” every time I saw it.

Thus, a blog was born, its inspiration taken from my poor reading comprehension skills.

But what is a curated life? It means not opening a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear, or wondering why your living room looks fabulous when you, yourself, do not. It’s knowing who you are and dressing the part. It is a life well-chosen.



Obligatory disclosure: Unless otherwise stated, brands, products and merchandise featured on this blog are chosen by me without compensation or incentive.

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