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A GOOP-y Life

October 17, 2012
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Kale, G-style


You read Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP newsletters, right? They are fantastically, absurdly wonderful guides in how to live Gwyneth’s life to the fullest. It’s really not for us mortals, who have things like “bills” to “worry” about and occasionally indulge in cookies. But it’s fun, nonetheless, and sometimes there are really useful tips, like how to give yourself a blow-out.

Last week’s email was all about snacks, one of my favorite topics. You see, Gwynnie doesn’t really eat meals. She just snacks throughout the day. But unlike me, she’s snacking on zucchini fritti and bite size chicken caprese*. I mean, seriously, if she has enough time to make fried chicken canapes, she can make herself a sandwich.

Anyway. I snark, but there was a useful recipe in there: slow-baked kale chips. And, as it happened, I had just gotten a bunch of kale with the intention of chipifying them. The bunch of kale I got was big enough for two batches of chips, so I decided to do a little test. I figured Gwyneth’s technique (baking for an hour at 200 degrees) would either be exactly the same or far superior to Refinery 29’s technique (baking for 30 minutes at 300 degrees). And, yes, I get recipes from the same website where I get hair tips.

So what was the verdict? As with everything she touches, Gwyneth’s version was pretty fantastic. They were more consistently chip-like than the non-slow-baked version.

Of course they were.


*Um, yeah, I will totally make this the next time I have a party. Get excited, people.

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