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Anne Hathaway’s shoe problem

March 18, 2012

Just a few of the comfiest shoes from my collection. Notice that none of them have velcro fasteners or a rubber toe cap.

I’ve always felt a connection to Anne Hathaway. It’s hard not to; I’ve been hearing comparisons to her ever since “The Princess Diaries” came out, prompting my friend Erin to proclaim, “She stole your essence!” And not only do we share big eyes and dark hair, but neither of us have managed to shake the, “Please, let me entertain you!” earnestness of our musical theater youth, even though we’re well into our 20s.

Which is why I feel a responsibility to call Annie out on her horrific shoe choices.

While Annie generally looks fine-to-great on the red carpet, thanks to the yeoman’s work of stylist Rachel Zoe, her street style generally leaves something to be desired, especially when it comes to her feet.

I get that she wants to be comfortable and casual, but, seriously, Annie, velcro sneakers? VELCRO? SNEAKERS!?


It’s time to stage an intervention.

Look. I get it. Not everyone wants to be Victoria Beckham, teetering around on 6-inch platforms. But I manage to walk around every day in shoes that manage to be cute, casual and comfortable, and my bank account is several zeroes short of Anne’s. So it is in a spirit of sisterly affection and concern that I suggest she throw those blue canvas abominations in the nearest dustbin and pick out a few replacements.

She’s Catwoman. She can afford it.

Plus, at $198 for the most expensive pair, so can the rest of us.

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