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Homecoming weekend

October 25, 2011

Thomas Wolfe once wrote that you can’t go home again, a phrase that has stymied philosophers and fashionistas for decades. Those words ring true for those of us who find ourselves headed back to the place we once called home, trying to impress those who are still there. It’s an existential crisis most effectively solved with high heels, shiny hair and outrageous jewelry.

Since I have a horrible habit of wearing boring clothes when getting together with old friends — and then feeling ashamed when pictures of those clothes end up on Facebook — I was determined to step it up when my high school reunion came around, an effort that quickly turned into brainstorming outfit ideas and generally annoying everyone around me. So when my friend Ashley needed to come up with some outfit ideas for an upcoming baby shower, I was more than happy to pay it forward.

Ashley and I have completely different styles, which is why it’s so fun to talk clothes with her. She favors classic styles in neutral colors with pops of brightly colored accessories, while I, on the other hand, would be perfectly content to wear a colorful cardigan with jeans every day. Both of these looks are the variations our everyday wardrobes, but with punchier details and bolder accessories. Trust me. We don’t wear those heels on a daily basis.






Which is really how we should look at such occasions: Like the best versions of ourselves. Ironed, polished, attending to the details. Although, really, there’s no reason not to look like this every day, now, is there?


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