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Taste the rainbow!

July 27, 2011

A fake instagram filter makes this look fancy!

Yesterday, I wrote about hot pink soft matte lip cream, and all you guys can talk about is a throwaway line about nail polish. FOCUS, PEOPLE.

So, yes, my general rule for nail polish colors is, “Would I wear it as a cardigan?” Which is to say, “Hey, crazy neon green nail polish, should I purchase you?” And the answer is, as it should be, no.

But what about pretty robins egg blue nail polish? In that instance, the answer was, “Well, not as a cardigan, but as a manicure, sure!”

Because I don’t really do pastels, as clothing. For one thing, I’m a Winter, and we do better in jewel tones, and for another, I am rather young looking, and pastels don’t help this. So pretty baby pinks, butter yellows and minty greens get to have fun as manicure colors, since they have no place in my wardrobe.

Nail polish is also a great way to dip a toe into crazy trends. Think you might like neon? Try a neon mani before dropping cash on a fluorescent sweater.  Another way to tone down your polish? A matte top coat. It looks amazing over metallic polishes, too.

Likewise, wardrobe staples like steel grey and navy are also the workhorses in my nail polish arsenal. And neither of them are in the realm of office-approved beiges and roses.

So, now that we’ve gotten that cleared up, go forth and explore the rainbow, my friends.





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